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Company Overview

AGis highly recognized for great proficiency and excellent quality in garment design and production. We also provide full-service capabilities for managing the total production process from inception to delivery. We are manufacturer of woven wears, and we can master these materials, turning them into hot fashion with fascinating styles and details. Our dedication to provide the finest garment manufacturing and design has been winning the hearts of the customers from all over the world, including USA, Europe, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

Our commitment of serving the best with the best has also attracted various well-known brands of global apparel to buy our garment services of design and production.

Our Services

  • Through regular on-site training and inspection. AG is actively involved in developing our partnerˇ¦s management skills and process control to keep pace with the ever-changing market demands.
  • Our client support teams are dedicated to establish long-term relationships with individual customers.
  • Offers in-depth understanding of the business of our customers
  • Consistently evaluates the production performance of all vendors for matching the right suppliers that meets our customer's expectations.
  • Offer market insights and fashion trends forecast in terms of silhouettes, seasonal color direction, storyboards and innovative fabrics, etc
  • Global sample shopping for trendy & hot inspirations
  • Supported by Technical design team on constructions for production and effectiveness and efficiency
  • Expertise in branded and private label development
  • Full accessories capabilities: hats, gloves, scarves, belts, etc

Meeting Room

Sample Shooting


In-house Sample Room

Our Sample Room has 25 hardworking and dedicated staff and is always ready to make our development process smooth and quick to ensure that our clientsˇ¦ needs are being fulfilled.

  • State of the art sampling facility operated by dedicated staff reflecting AG's understanding that product development
  • Pattern Making
  • Facilitated with CAD Design
  • Computer Grading
  • Experienced Sewers
  • On-Site technical support
  • Blocks developed for specific customers to enhance quality and consistency
  • Sampling quality control
  • Flexible sampling schedule to suit market demands

Quality Assurance

  • Stringent quality assurance and controlling procedures implemented to ensure superior quality, high fulfillment rates and delivery performance beyond customer expectations
  • Detailed system of checks and balances developed to monitor all processes from pre-production to final execution.
  • Quality systems based on prevention - proactively identifying potential glitches and resolve in advance.

Asian Garments is always ready for new business opportunities and will continue to challenge the ever changing world of fashion.


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